An introductory geometry course for mathematics students:

Metric spaces
Euclidean: general, 3D isometries
Spherical: general, area of triangle, isometries, unique properties
Hyperbolic: general, isometries
Projective: perspective, projective
Comparative overview

A geometry course “for poets”:

Liberal Arts Geometry

Mixes hands-on geometry activities with seminar discussions of historical and philosophical texts.

Euclid: visual Elements

Real Euclid, illustrated. Focus on geometry instead of decoding ABCD cryptograms. This selection covers the core of Book I of Euclid’s Elements. The text is Euclid’s own, but I have added step-by-step figures for each stage of the arguments. To support active reading of the Elements, I have also written a set of reference tables, as well as Euclid’s proofs in fill-in-the-blanks worksheets format, to be used along with my Euclid cards. Also useful is this dependency graph for the propositions in my edition of Euclid Book I (adopted from elsewhere).