Mathematics for Poets syllabus

A course I teach for liberal arts students based on these materials.

Euclid: visual Elements

Real Euclid, illustrated. Focus on geometry instead of decoding ABCD cryptograms. This selection covers the core of Book I of Euclid’s Elements. The text is Euclid’s own, but I have added step-by-step figures for each stage of the arguments.

Euclid: discussion questions

Reflections and discussion questions for reading Book I of Euclid’s Elements in a seminar setting, with attention to mathematical detail as well as the broader questions about the nature of mathematics that arises from studying this paradigm of a formal mathematical system.

Geometry Activities

Intuitive, hands-on geometry, selected for its historical and philosophical import. Fun and accessible, yet mathematically substantive and closely integrated in a broader context and story.

History and Philosophy of Geometry Reader

Excerpts from seminal historical sources as well as the latest modern scholarship that explore a rich range of historical, philosophical, and cultural themes intimately interconnected to the mathematical material above. (Based largely on my History of Mathematics reader.)